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  1. Resident Home  - Choosing a safe and comfortable place to live for you is a must. Not only does the house building suit you, but your home environment is also important to be sampled. build or rent (Indonesia)
  2. Office - A comfortable and good office space can be one way to increase work productivity. This is because the workspace can affect mood and of course it will make office employees not easily bored. build or rent (indonesia)
  3. Mutimedia - A multimedia service is a combination of two or more media components such as voice, data, video, and still image, in a single session delivered between two or more parties. Multimedia services can be classified as interactive or distribution services.  Link here


Comp.Gratarsia sebuah jenis Komunitas UKM yang bergerak di bidang jasa Agency service , Multimedia & Markom yang bekerja melalui jaringan para Pekerja, Perusahaan, Mahasiswa dan para freelancer Kami.

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